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Discover your next career move with skill-building courses or connect with top job and freelance opportunities


Teach Skills

Teach job-relevant skills and create your e-learning today that belongs to you. Get the lion's share of the revenue and define your terms and conditions on your own.

Learn & Find Jobs

Chart your career path and bridge your skills gap with targeted opportunities. Join the forefront of sought-after talent worldwide.

Hire Talents

Effortlessly connect with top talent tailored to your needs, pre-assessed for your specific roles

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The Skills Economy for educators, talents, and organizations

Acquire In-Demand Skills

Navigate your career path with essential skills for today and tomorrow


Explore Your Career Opportunities

Explore job opportunities and close your individual skill gap to be relevant to top employers


Get Your Desired Job

Find your next Job or Freelance Opportunity on Udao


The world’s largest Web3 Skills Economy platform

Unify Job & Learning Marketplace

Aligned Skills Demand and Supply

The Talent has one platform to up-skill themselves and apply for jobs. The Udao Platform propagates the skills needed from organizations to the learners and educators to align demand and supply and thus closing the global skill gap.

Unify Job & Learning Marketplace
The Right Focus for Talents

Focus on Your Career and Skill Gap

Udao helps every talent to formulate their career goal and helps with personal development plans to close his individual skill gap.

The Right Focus for Talents
Artificial Intelligence

Education and Hiring is boosted via AI

The use of AI helps to evaluate the individual Skill gap of a talent and helps to learn new skills like for example having an AI Mentor next to you. In addition, the hiring process leverages AI to speed up the evaluation and verification of the potential talent pool

Artificial Intelligence
Incentivize to Close the Skill Gap

Udao's Token Model Offers Good Incentives for Societies and Economies

The UDAO Token is designed to unify the interests of all participants on Udao including all Token holders to create value on the platform and benefits all in turn all participants. The token complies with the highest safeguards according to Swiss law and is classified as a currency and a utility token.

Incentivize to Close the Skill Gap

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